What is Mindset Sagas?

Its a podcast about discovering and discussing the past, present, and possible futures on a diverse range of topics. How did we get to where we are today? What is the reality we live in now? What could happen down the road?

Is this show educational? It can be. Is it for entertainment? Hopefully. This podcast is intended as a shared journey where we can learn from each other, and hear from a variety of views on important, or at least interesting topics. Whether one is listening to our podcast on the train in New York City, a cafe in Vancouver,  a long commute in Tokyo, or elsewhere, I hope you enjoy what we have on offer.

Journey with us if you will, and find out what we are talking about this week.

What is Mindset Tales?

It is a serialized podcast of readings from great classic novels. Whether you’ve read them before or are encountering them for the first time we hope you will enjoy them.

Who are we?

We are :

John Laakso  – Narration, Armchair Historian, Artist, Producer.

Kant Koga – Mindset Linguistics and East Asian Philosophy Consultant

Francois Pominville – Mindset Historical Consultant

Ryan Yoo – Lead Web Page Management