Happy New Year!

The new episode of Mindset Tales is now out!

The holidays were less of a boon to my recording time as opposed to what I had anticipated, but rest assured that these will continue to be released on a ASAP basis (as much as outside factors allow.)

On the Mindset Sagas front, we have been trying to juggle the availability of guests and hope to have a panel episode if possible.


Will be away from my microphone for a few weeks

Hello folks,

I will be away for a few weeks in August, so the next shows will be somewhat delayed. Rest assured that upon my return I will jump back into my recording studio and get more out to you.

I made sure to upload the next episode of Mindset Tales (Treasure Island Ch. 9) out to you all before I left.

Please enjoy your summer.

Thanks for the patience.

It’s finally done. Mindset Sagas Episode 3 is ready for download.
The next priority is Mindset Tales Episode 8.  Long John Silver will be incoming.

Thank you all for being patient during what has been a busy stretch.



Mindset Sagas – E003 – The Divine Games

Athletic competition is something many of us are passionate about. Certainly we see countless examples of this throughout recorded history, and doubtless has been with us long before that.

Perhaps nothing is as iconic as the concept of the Olympic games originally held at the foot of Mt. Olympus in Greece.

Why do the games have such a hold on us? Why are still with us? What are possible factors that cause us to enjoy spectating sporting events?

We will also be looking at the interest in Japan about their upcoming Olympics in 2020 in our interview with Kant Koga of the IOPC (Ichihara Olympic Preparation Committee) in Japan.