Mindset Sagas – E003 – The Divine Games

Athletic competition is something many of us are passionate about. Certainly we see countless examples of this throughout recorded history, and doubtless has been with us long before that.

Perhaps nothing is as iconic as the concept of the Olympic games originally held at the foot of Mt. Olympus in Greece.

Why do the games have such a hold on us? Why are still with us? What are possible factors that cause us to enjoy spectating sporting events?

We will also be looking at the interest in Japan about their upcoming Olympics in 2020 in our interview with Kant Koga of the IOPC (Ichihara Olympic Preparation Committee) in Japan.


Mindset Sagas – E002 – Snow on the Nile

Why are kids often so happy when school is cancelled due to inclement weather? Is there some instinct that makes play time a prefered option? Today we explore education from the eyes of the ancients to see how they viewed school so long ago. More specifically Ancient Egypt.

What similarities and differences might there have been in the perception of school from a student back then?

We have an interview on the subject with our resident historical consultant Francois Pominville.