Progress Update

The next episodes of both Mindset Sagas and Mindset Tales are both being crafted at the moment. We will get these both done as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Mindset Sagas – Episode 002 – Snow on the Nile

Why are kids often so happy when school is cancelled due to inclement weather? Is there some instinct that makes play time a prefered option? Today we explore education from the eyes of the ancients to see how they viewed school so long ago. More specifically Ancient Egypt.

What similarities and differences might there have been in the perception of school from a student back then?

We have an interview on the subject with our resident historical consultant Francois Pominville.

Mindset Sagas – Episode 001 – All Fun an Games

How are games useful in education and training?

Games often exist in order to teach certain skills. We take a look at some successful games through the lens of history. Afterwards, we are joined in an interview by our guest David Chapman. A long time teacher and JALT presenter who explains to us the modern concept of Gamification.